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The 2012/13 year was very satisfying with significant progress made on many fronts. Recent initiatives and strategies in place for some time have contributed to a successful year. Membership has grown, enrolments in the Diploma of Loss Adjusting have increased, diary advertising remains an important source of revenue, claims conventions in Australia and Asia attracted record numbers and new training initiatives were commenced. Also elevation pathways were refined recognising alternative means of advancement within AICLA.


Membership stands at 865 with the International Division, predominantly made up of members based in Asia now representing the largest division. Jaye Kumar the International Development Director continues to work closely with the International Division Committee and other contacts in emerging countries including the Middle East and Phillippines to expand AICLA’s penetration outside of Australia and New Zealand. ‘A Career in Loss Adjusting’ pack designed for persons entering the profession was updated and the range of content expanded. A total of 46 member joined AICLA during 2012/13 and in three months since 1 July over 30 members have joined AICLA.
The noticeable pick up in membership is no doubt in part due to the support by the major firms for their loss adjusting staff to be members of AICLA and complete the Diploma of Loss Adjusting. Also with the significant reduction in the Diploma fee, particularly for members in Asia, the increased number of diploma enrolments and new AICLA members in Asia was very encouraging.

Membership Numbers

The following chart provides the break-up of membership by Divisions and Classes of Membership. Classes of Membership are divided into five principal categories Fellow, Associate, Affiliate, Ordinary and Provisional.
The membership structure requires Provisional members within three years from the date of joining to complete studies to progress to Affiliate membership. This has helped support the continuing strong level of enrolments in the Diploma of Loss Adjusting.
Changes to the membership criteria now enable loss adjusters who are highly experienced and academically qualified to join as Affiliate members. The pathway to Associate membership distinguishes between those qualifying for the Diploma of Loss Adjusting by examination and those achieving the diploma by recognition of prior learning. Also the pathway to Fellow membership has been expanded to recognise members of long standing.

Classes of Membership

Division/Branch Membership

Membership Age Profile & Gender

AICLA is aware of the challenge facing loss adjusting organisations to attract and retain younger employees. AICLA is endeavouring to support the efforts of employers through the tiered membership structure, career packs and targeted training courses. Data is collected on the age of members and we track over time membership trends. Members under 45 years total 35% of members and females represent 10% of total membership. Encouragingly females represent 25% of enrolments in the Diploma of Loss Adjusting.


Underpinning any profession are educational and training standards. AICLA in conjunction with ANZIIF, our diploma delivery provider, has in place the nine module Diploma of Loss Adjusting which forms the basis for advancement within AICLA. The Diploma is highly regarded and continues to be reviewed and updated to ensure it remains contemporary and the leading course for those working in loss adjusting and others seeking a career in loss adjusting. Diploma subject enrolments for 2012 were 548 compared with 524 in 2011. A new pricing arrangement was introduced from 1 January 2013 with AICLA members being eligible for a lower enrolment fee.

The first Trainee Loss Adjusters’ workshop held in Sydney was favourably received with excellent feedback from attendees. This workshop is set to be a permanent event.
AICLA’s mid-tier qualification, the Certificate in Loss Adjusting Practice comprises four modules from the Diploma of Loss Adjusting. Completion of this certificate entitles a member to Affiliate membership.
AICLA continues to promote to members the importance of achieving Chartered Loss Adjuster status. During the year 31 members were elevated to Associate or Fellow status enabling them to use the title Chartered Loss Adjuster.
AICLA in partnership with the Singapore Insurance Institute continue to run a Claims Technicians Course in Singapore. This course has to date attracted over 100 enrolments and is being considered by other countries in Asia and the Middle East.
AICLA in conjunction with the Singapore College of Insurance held two successful workshops in Singapore.
Divisions continue to operate effectively and play an important role in the provision of social, networking and educational activities (seminars and workshops) for members.
Continuing Professional Development is also very important as it represents a recognition of the need for all members to participate in ongoing training to stay abreast of regulatory, industry and general industry changes. The wide geographic spread of membership means that not all members can attend organised seminars and conventions. In response to this training challenge, AICLA has tailored on-line CPD training for members. Members have access to over 50 hours of online learning material. The content continues to be updated and expanded. To supplement this training AICLA has commissioned a training consultant to work with AICLA members to develop a series of CPD workshops.


AICLA conducted its second Asian Claims Convention in 2013 in Bangkok. The convention was an outstanding success with attendees rating the event very highly. With registrations of over 120 and strong sponsor support this convention has quickly established itself as a major claims convention in Asia.
The joint AICLA/ANZIIF Claims Convention in Sydney continues to grow with over 320 attendees and sponsorship at a record level. The convention is the leading event for claims professionals in Australasia.


The financial outcome was aided by strong receipts from; the diploma course, diary advertising, claims conventions in Australia and Asia, workshops and subscriptions. Also the 2011/12 financial results had been impacted by a number of one-off costs. The AICLA diary remains an important source of revenue and we thank diary advertisers for their continued support. Diary advertising revenue represents a significant source of income for divisions. Most divisions now have paid secretarial support to organise functions and conduct division administrative activities.
A full set of audited financial accounts for the 2012/2013 financial year follow this report.


Communications with members is almost exclusively via email. A significant number of members have elected to receive the Annual Report electronically.
The electronic monthly newsletter ‘LA News’ continues to be popular and represents an effective way to communicate with members. ‘Insurance and Risk Professional’ is distributed to members and is a valuable source of information. Members in the International Division receive the magazine electronically.
The AICLA website (www.aicla.org) is an important resource with information on membership eligibility, qualifications for classes of membership, division events, suppliers information, member contact details and updates on important topics. Also CPD online resources are available to members via the website.


Congratulations to the following members on winning AICLA educational prizes during the year.
Loss Adjusting Diploma Prize – Chloe Zhou (NSW)
Charles Buchanan Prize – Chloe Zhou (NSW)
Syd McDonald Young Adjuster Prize – Chloe Zhou (NSW)
Brian Geraghty Prize (QLD) – Laurie Thomas
Ted Cooper Prize (WA) – Glenn Cotton
The inaugural Carey Bird Scholarship was awarded in 2013 to Richard Mayne from Cerno Sydney.

Tony Libke
Administrative Officer

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