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To say that AICLA has experienced a successful year in 2012/13 would be an understatement.

Our second Asian Claims Convention held 21-22 March in Bangkok this year was a huge success and already next year’s convention is booked for 2-3-4-April 2014 in Singapore with a quality line up of presenters, headed by the renowned UK Loss Adjuster Alan Cleary; CC13 achieved a record number of delegates and was acclaimed by many as the best convention ever; the introduction of AICLA’s first full day workshop for trainee adjusters held in Sydney the day before CC13 was fully booked; an increase in membership, just to mention a few positives for the year.
This success can only be achieved through hard work and dedication and I therefore thank our Chief Executive Tony Libke and his team; our quality Board members; International Development Director Jaye Kumar; Education Director Michael Davies; Committee Chairs and Divisional Committees all of whom have worked hard towards making the year a success.

I commenced my first LA News with my vision of promoting education for our members. I have carried this theme through many of my LA News articles and in my presentations in Australia, Asia and New Zealand. In my opening address at CC13, I spoke of the history of loss adjusting and the need for our members to strive to reach the high level of reporting that was expected of our predecessors and that which is currently present through our current qualified chartered loss adjusters. We need to achieve and maintain quality in our work to enhance our reputation and maintain our key position in the claims settlement process.

A full day trainees’ workshop was held this year in Sydney the day before the CC13. This was the first and was highly rated by the attendees, and why not, the presenters were some of AICLA’s finest adjusters, giving of their time to support our Institute and give something back to AICLA. I again sincerely thank those members for their selfless dedication to AICLA. A similar structured workshop will be held on the day before CC14, so please keep this event in mind, as it will most likely be fully booked soon after its formal announcement.

Still on the theme of education, we ran the inaugural Carey Bird Scholarship this year, named in honour of our AICLA member who was tragically killed whilst working in Christchurch at the time of the 2011 earthquake. This scholarship is open to members under 40 years of age and any member studying the Diploma of Loss Adjusting. We were pleased with the quality of papers presented, which was a written essay on a topic of a loss, this year based on an Industrial Special Risk Policy. The winner was Richard Mayne from Cerno and we were privileged to have on hand Carey’s widow Jan Bird to make the presentation at the CC13 dinner.

The Board has approved the development of a number professional development modules, that will feature educational packages that can be presented at Division level by experienced adjusters in a workshop environment. These packages are being prepared with the aim to appeal to all levels of our members. We are hoping to have the first of these rolled out by the end of this year.

AICLA made a comprehensive submission in respect of the ICA Code of Practice Review wherein we called for minimum education and training standards to be established for loss adjusters and other service providers. The code review report has been published and the ICA Board is now considering the recommendations.

A new three year agreement with ANZIIF commenced on 1 January 2013 for the delivery of the Diploma of Loss Adjusting. This agreement is of vital importance to AICLA as the diploma course material is owned by AICLA and represents the educational basis for the training of loss adjusters. The new commercial arrangements has resulted in a lower cost for all enrolments in the diploma, particularly for those students in Asia, where the impact of a rising Australian dollar had been adversely impacting enrolments. We look forward to continuing with ANZIIF in providing this high quality diploma course.

The highlights of my year as President were –

Meeting with AICLA members in November and December 2012 in Sydney and Melbourne, at their pre-Christmas functions.
In March Tony Libke and I attended the Asian Claims Convention, which as I reported earlier was a success and a most rewarding experience for myself, not only in respect of the convention, but the Thai culture and people.

Tony and I then went on to visit with AICLA members, the CEO’s of major loss adjusting firms, as well as Insurance Council representatives in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. AICLA is experiencing rapid growth in membership throughout Asia with our members there keen to achieve chartered status. To meet with senior insurance representatives, members and prospective members was a very humbling experience for me personally.

Kind regards
Michael Cooke

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