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Included below are quick links to all the different downloadable forms and newsletters that are available on the AICLA website. They are organised alphabetically for your convenience.

AICLA Review of General Insurance Code of Practice – April 2017

AICLA Macguire Report

Application for Membership

Are you Loss Adjuster of the year?

Careers Pack

Carey Bird Scholarship

Change of Details


Continuing Professional Development Record Sheet / Criteria

Elevation Application Form

LA News

Qualification and Career Pathway

Qualifications and Rights

Submission to the Review of the General Insurance Code of Practice (PDF – 428KB)

Stress Management – presentation by Melita Lawn (PDF – 1.7MB)

Traineeship - Certificate IV Financial Services Traineeship 2008 (suited for Loss Adjusters)

Victoria Bushfires – 30/06/2009 Update (PDF – 76KB)


Seminar Paper – presentation by Wotton Kearney Insurance Lawyers(PDF – 192KB)

Peter Hardham – presentation for 15 June 2006 (PDF – 60KB)

ANZIIF Claims Discussion Group – presentation by Ragini Rajadurai, Manager Corporate and Legal Services (PDF – 275KB)

Asbestos Building Repairs – Liability Issues

Options for Repair of Asbestos – by David Rodighiero (PDF – 230KB)

New Legislation – by Phil Torley (PDF – 466KB)
Assessment And Remediation Of Asbestos Damaged Properties

Asbestos Advice (PDF – 392KB)
Provides advice on the handling and disposal of Asbestos, and includes a factsheet from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Cyclone Larry

Included below are a selection of resources for Loss Adjusters working with those affected by Cyclone Larry.

Loss Adjusters move quick on Cyclone Larry – Press Release (29/03/06)

Summary of Meeting between Insurance Industry Representatives and the Recovery Taskforce – 04/04/06

Cyclone Larry Reconstruction Guidelines (PDF – 277KB)

Lightning VS Electronics
Building Services Authority, Dispute Management Division.

Disposal Advice (PDF – 103KB)
Provides advice on the disposal of construction and demolition waste, and on the disposal of Asbestos.

Ode to a Loss Adjuster – by David Miller (PDF – 37KB)

Johnstone Shire Council have released the following publications:

Fast Tracking Procedures for repairs to buildings which are deemed to be assessable development. (PDF – 513KB)

Building Repair Work
Building law relating to reconstruction and repair of buildings of Class 1a & 10 damaged by the effects of Cyclone Larry. (PDF – 455KB)

New Zealand Division's 2009 Education Seminar – A.G.M.

AICLA conference paper – by Peter Leman (PPT – 448KB)

Climate change implications – by Julie King and Warren Gray Ministry for the Environment (PDF – 4.6 MB)

Climate change and local authorities – by Paul Kos, Senior Advisor City Planning Maria Archer, Manager Infrastructure Planning
Wellington City Council (PDf – 460KB)




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