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All practising members of the institute are expected to comply with the requirements of continuing professional development as prescribed by the Board. The institute recognises the need for members to develop knowledge and competence and to be well placed to add value to the claims-handling process. As a self-regulated profession we must demonstrate to the insurance community in general, and our principals in particular, a commitment to keep abreast of current developments. These are the reasons part of our ongoing qualification of members is the need for continuing professional development.

Continuing education means keeping up with changes at every available opportunity. To demonstrate compliance with continuing professional development, members must undertake an appropriate continuing education program.

Members are required to accumulate thirty (30) points over the year from 1 January to 31 December.

The accumulation of points is on a self-assessment basis which is subject to random audits.

Activity Description Points
(1point per hour of activity)
1 Attending Professional Sessions of:

a) Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters
b) Any recognised insurance industry organisation

Loading: Attendance necessitating travel in excess of 200kms return receives a loading of 50 percent.
Max 16/event
2 Passing examination subjects:

a) Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance
b) Equivalent passes in insurance institutes elsewhere
c) Relevant tertiary examination subjects
3 AICLA Professional Development papers are available on the website. Max 20 p.a.
4 Structured and documented company/in-house training Max 20 p.a.
5 Preparation and or submission of paper on a relevant subject to a group Max 10 p.a.
6 Delivering a loss adjusting paper to a seminar/conference Max 10 p.a.
7 Preparing a published Industry Related ArticleMax 10 p.a.
8 Reading industry relevant technical papers and publications Max 12 p.a.
9 Viewing or listening to relevant audio tapes, videos or computer-based training programs Max 10 p.a.
10 Writing, Reviewing, Setting and or marking Diploma in Financial Services (Loss Adjusting) assignments and examination papers Max 15 p.a.

CPD Record Sheet / Criteria

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