Prizes and Awards

Honour boardThe AICLA Awards Honour Board showcases the winners of AICLA's various prizes and awards from previous years.
We congratulate all prize recipients on their efforts.

Details of the prizes and awards are available below:

Loss Adjusting Prize | Charles Buchanan | Young Adjuster Award
Ted Cooper | Brian Geraghty | New Zealand Division Council Prize | Service Award Medal | Life Membership

The Diploma of Loss Adjusting Prize

This is an award presented jointly by AICLA

  • The award shall be confined to those candidates who are successful in the completion of the Diploma of Loss Adjusting.
  • The candidate shall achieve distinctions, as advised by the Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF), in at least two modules.
  • The performance of the candidates shall be judged by the average marks awarded over all the papers and assignments sat, as advised by the ANZIIF.
  • In assessing the best performance, regard shall be given to the time in which the candidate has completed the Diploma. Any candidate who has taken longer than 5 years to complete the Diploma since his or her first entry shall not be eligible.
  • The Board of AICLA shall make the award at its discretion and may withhold the prize in any year when the standard of entries does not merit any recognition.
  • The prize is only available to people who have completed the entire Diploma Course ie. those candidates completing under transitional or recognition for prior learning arrangements will not be eligible.
  • Eligible candidates must be members of AICLA.

PRIZE : $1000.00
PRIZE : Framed Certificate

Charles Buchanan Prize

The prize may be awarded each year to one student who submits, with regard to one module from the Diploma of Loss Adjusting. ANZIIF, an examination paper and an assignment or assignments of outstanding quality.

The award is subject to the following pre-requisites:

  • The exam and the assignments must achieve honours status (that is, 80 percent plus);
  • The student must be a member of AICLA;
  • The module must be a loss adjusting dedicated module
  • The prize will not necessarily be for the highest marks. The Education Committee will make the determination; and
  • No prize will be awarded if, in the opinion of the Education Committee, “outstanding quality” is not achieved.

PRIZE : $400.00
PRIZE : Framed Certificate

Syd McDonald Young Adjuster Award

The Syd McDonald "Young Adjuster Award" criteria is:

  • AICLA member 35 years of age and under.
  • Highest mark in completing the Diploma of Loss Adjusting.

PRIZE : $400.00
PRIZE : Framed Certificate

Ted Cooper Prize (WA Division Prize)

Awarded to the Western Australian member who attains the highest mark in a Diploma of Loss Adjusting subject annually.

PRIZE : $200.00
PRIZE : Framed Certificate

Brian Geraghty Prize (QLD Division Prize)

Awarded to the Queensland member who attains the highest mark in a Diploma a Diploma of Loss Adjusting subject annually.

PRIZE : $200.00
PRIZE : Framed Certificate


New Zealand Division Council Prize

Awarded to the New Zealand member who attains the highest mark in a Diploma a Diploma of Loss Adjusting module.

PRIZE : $500.00
PRIZE : Framed Certificate


Service Award Medal

  • Medal
    The AICLA service medal may be awarded by a Division Council or Board of Directors to members who meet the criteria as determined from time to time by the Board. The number of awards be limited to 1 per annum per Division and no more than 2 per annum by the Board. Submissions must be in writing and forwarded to the Division Secretary or Administrative Officer outlining the member’s eligibility in terms of the award criteria.
  • Criteria
    Candidates to qualify for the award must:
    • Have been a member of the Institute (or a predecessor Institute) for at least 10 years; and
    • Have made a demonstrable contribution to the development of the Institute at Division and/or International level; and
    • Have made a contribution to the advancement of the profession of loss adjusting through his/her activities over an extended period of time (5 years minimum); and
    • Not be a serving Division councillor or Board director at the time the award is being considered

    Applications to be successful must have been approved by at least a 75% majority vote of the Division Council and/or Board of Directors.

    Division recommendations require the approval of the Board of Directors.

    The Service Medal may be awarded to persons who have resigned or retired.

    Life members will not be eligible to receive the award.

  • Award
    The award will be a certificate and medal as determined by the Board of Directors and shall be presented by the Division or Board of Directors.

Life Membership

The Board may in its absolute discretion elevate as a Life member a person who:

  • has a minimum of 20 years membership of this Institute or its predecessors; and
  • has a fellowship of the Institute; and
  • has preferably served a minimum period of 10 years on a Division Council; and
  • has been unanimously proposed by a Division Council
  • has made an outstanding contribution to the growth and development of the Institute at all levels; and
  • has the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors.

The admission to Life Membership will be limited to a maximum of one person each year.

Life Members:

  • receive a certificate from the Institute; and
  • pay no subscription

Only Life Members engaged in the occupation of loss adjusting will be entitled to vote on general matters relating to the Institute and hold positions on the Division Council or the Board.

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