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November 2020 LA News

The Bill following the Hayne Royal Commission recommendations into misconduct in the financial services sector in Australia was introduced to Parliament on 12 November, with a variety of impacts set to be imposed upon the insurance industry in respect of claims handling and settlements. Although the accompanying Regulations are [...]

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August 2020 LA News

The Hayne Royal Commission report into misconduct in the financial services sector in Australia had a profound impact, with widespread acknowledgement that significant industry reforms were required. Amongst the HRC recommendations was 4.8, that the Government remove the exemption for the handling and settlement of insurance claims from the definition [...]

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June 2020 LA News

Covid-19 has been well contained in New Zealand, Australia and most Asian countries, however it continues to be a major health threat in a number of countries including India, Indonesia, European countries, USA and Brazil. The challenge for countries that have fared well to date, as they begin to [...]

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May 2020 LA News

As we navigate through these never before encountered times and hope that we will never be here again, it is clear that New Zealand, Australia and Asian countries have, to date, more effectively contained the spread of Covid-19 than Europe, USA and South America. The medical crisis has paralysed [...]

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April 2020 LA News

COVID 19 is a worldwide health crisis and has led to widespread community hardship and economic challenges for businesses across the world. The insurance sector is monitoring and adjusting its operations by incorporating flexible working conditions and encouraging employees to work from home (WFH)...

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