May 2020 LA News

As we navigate through these never before encountered times and hope that we will never be here again, it is clear that New Zealand, Australia and Asian countries have, to date, more effectively contained the spread of Covid-19 than Europe, USA and South America. The medical crisis has paralysed [...]

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April 2020 LA News

COVID 19 is a worldwide health crisis and has led to widespread community hardship and economic challenges for businesses across the world. The insurance sector is monitoring and adjusting its operations by incorporating flexible working conditions and encouraging employees to work from home (WFH)...

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July 2019 LA News

Dear Member, Customer attrition is the biggest threat to an insurer’s profitability. People usually can’t be bothered reviewing their insurance, unless there is a prompt. The top two triggers to churn are a perceived better price and a poor claims experience. A poor claims experience has added impact, because [...]

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