Dear Member,

Some of us are lucky – I started my holiday today. Some of us are less lucky – I only have 8 working days to go and I am back at work.

This has been a busy year for AICLA with conferences, education changes and contract renewals. It is often with trepidation that we take on new tasks, and becoming President was no exception; but the year has flown by with a lot of work, but no panic or animosity.

Everywhere I travel I meet people who are pleased to be loss adjusters, and pleased to be working with loss adjusters. Although it has its moments, insurance is a marvellous industry to be in and loss adjusting is a great career to have.

As the year ends I would like to thank all of the people that have given of their time to make the profession better: Division Councils and chairs, those working to help educate loss adjusters and assist in the organisation of functions and conferences, and those at AICLA Brisbane – Gemma, Adrian, Ash & Clare.

Particularly though, this year has been made exceedingly easy to navigate thanks to the work of our CEO, Tony Libke. His organisation has made the job of being President that much easier.

I hope you all have a chance to relax and catch up with family and friends, and I look forward to meeting many of you again next year.

Kind regards
Leon Briggs, Chartered Loss Adjuster
President – AICLA